Floor Plans

This landmark apartment complex is located on the city fringe, and acts as a transition between the central city and its surrounding residential properties. The eastern boundary of the complex fronts to Torrens Terrace while the southern and western boundaries adjoin a mixture of single and two story residential dwellings. At the eastern end of the southern boundary is a small community park.

The buildings have been set out to the edges of the site to allow for a large centrally located courtyard within the complex. With the exception of the apartments that face on to Torrens Terrace and the Arlington community garden, all the apartments have been orientated towards this space. The courtyard provides a communal area that can be used to facilitate interaction, further allowing a sense of community to develop within the complex.

Careful consideration has been given to maximise exposure to sunlight, natural light and natural ventilation to all of the apartments.

The complex layout ensures pedestrian circulation is given priority. The main pedestrian entry is centrally located in the Torrens Terrace façade. The location of the main stair access adjacent to the lift accentuates the visual and physical connection to the central courtyard and enhances the experience of arrival into this primary circulation space. A covered walkway provides protection to the users of the central courtyard in inclement weather.

Access to individual apartments is via covered open walkways allowing for daylight and natural ventilation to these spaces and to the rear of the individual apartments, reducing the need for artificial illumination and mechanical ventilation. The spatial experience of these areas is greatly enhanced by having a connection with the external environment.

The main vehicle entry to the site is at the south end of the eastern boundary facing Torrens Terrace, giving access to two basement car parking areas. This minimises the visual impact of the site’s vehicle access giving priority to pedestrians and the buildings function as residential accommodation.

The design and layout are contemporary but provide subtle references back to the surrounding residential and commercial architecture through use of form and materials. The façades have been articulated to create a sense of scale that allows the buildings to be considered as a whole as well as in part and the building designs are modulated through changes in material and form to provide a sense of human scale and identity within the larger forms of the development.

All-in-all a strong and coherent design response to people and place has been successfully created.

View level 1 plans here.
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